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Gold Buyer

If you have a lot of old gold jewelry and coins in your house, you might be sitting on a treasure trove and not even know it! Maybe you have an old gold engagement ring or silver earrings lying around. It’s now easier than ever to sell gold and get a decent amount of money in doing so. Our coin store has coin appraisal services and more.

If you’re going to sell gold coins, be sure you do so with a reliable gold buyer. After all, you’ll want to get your money’s worth. If you have civil war money or old metals you would like to sell, bring them to our coin dealer.

Here at Centennial Gold Silver & Coin Cents, buying gold and silver items and coins are our task. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and guarantee you will be satisfied with what we have to offer. For more information regarding all of our services, contact our gold buyer at Centennial Gold Silver & Coin Cents in Centennial, CO today!